Pillows: Goldilocks Pillows Ltd

Good quality mattress and pillows are very important:

1/ to maintain a good/neutral alignment for your back (neck, thoracic/mid back and lumbar spine/low back)

2/ to prevent further issues

3/ to maintain all the good work between your osteopathic sessions

If you are sleeping on your back you won’t need the same size/height of pillows than the height required for an optimal spinal position if you are sleeping on your side…

Most people change position during the night, however after few osteopathic sessions some people usually get more comfortable in one position which was not before starting osteopathic sessions.

As restrictions in the body, imbalances, accumulation of strains, tightness, asymetries accumulate, the body starts to get tired of compensating and/or adaptating which is then leading to pain/inflammation at different areas and dysfunctions.

Checking simple things such as mattress quality (firm enough) and good supporting pillow can make a big difference, helping you sleeping better (in term of quality and quantity), helping you to integrate the good changes from osteopathic sessions and giving a chance to your body to recover.

I am not affiliated with Goldilocks Pillows Ltd, I just like these products because I have good experiences with them privately and professionally, and I enjoy giving you information so you can take your health into your own hands.


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